About River Mill

At River Mill we are a community, a family, and a team. All adults and students are encouraged to celebrate differences and challenge each other. We do this Respectfully, Responsibly, Safely, and with Kindness.

Kindergarten at River Mill Elementary

We would like to give you a warm welcome to our River Mill kindergarten community and take some time to better aquaint you with us! In our three classes you will see that we work as a team with all of the students. So that means, just because your child has his/her teacher, they will also be taught by the other two teachers. We share our students to meet their needs and teach at their level. We are highly collaborative and share daily to ensure your kindergarten student gets the most out of their time in kindergarten.

Click on the teacher you would like to know more about. We are all very different in our teaching, but we have the same goal.