Human Resources

Lisa Akins

Human Resources Coordinator

Classified, Management and Confidential Staff

503-630-6871 x2903

Kelly Hayes

Human Resources Coordinator

Licensed and
Administrative Staff

503-630-6871 x2909

Human Resources in Estacada

Estacada Schools have a strong tradition of developing successful people and a remarkable promise for the future.

The strength of our schools rests within our people. We are in the process of building a continuous improvement mindset in all departments, in all schools, and in each classroom.

Everyday we look forward to working with our students, families and community members. With this in mind, our human resources professionals work side by side diligently with administrators and supervisors to hire, develop and retain the best of the best to work in our District. We are customer service driven. Our customers include our staff, students, community members and you. We strive to be excellent, responsive and equitable each and every day.


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ESTACADA SCHOOL DISTRICT IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EDUCATOR AND EMPLOYER. All qualified persons will be considered for employment. We welcome applicants of every race, color, religion, gender orientation, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, age, ability. Candidates requesting ADA accommodations and/or assistance during the hiring process are encouraged to contact us.

Requests for employment verification must be done in writing.

For verification of income, fax the request to 503-630-8513 - attention Kirsten Johnson, Payroll Specialist. Please allow 2 business days for processing.

Disclosure release and employment history requests for classified or licensed staff can be emailed to:

Lisa Akins - Classified, Management, Confidential Groups

Kelly Hayes - Licensed, Administrative Groups

Why should you join our team?

  • Competitive salary

  • Comprehensive benefits package

  • An inclusive environment for everyone

  • Smaller than state average class sizes

  • Mentor program for new teachers

  • Continuous Professional Development Opportunities

  • Standards Based Learning and Grading

  • DuFour Model Professional Learning Communities

  • Continuous Improvement (Improvement Science Methodology)


Employment Opportunities


Resume Tips

  • Revise, revise, revise! Triple check for typos, complete sentences and proper punctuation.

  • Personalize it! Be specific and address your letter of intent to the proper hiring administrator.

  • Engage your audience! Different formatting and various font styles give a more visually appealing resume.

  • Be authentic! Your resume is our first glance at who you are as an educator. Share your related experiences and professional aspirations.

*Disclaimer: Use of these tips does not guarantee you an interview.


2021/2022 Substitute Pay Rates

Licensed and Paraeducator Applicants, submit your application with ESS today!

Classified Positions and Pay Rates

Bus Driver $18.07 - $19.17 DOE

Cook/Baker $14.08

Custodian $16.00

Paraeducator $15.09

Licensed Substitutes:

All assignments: $256.82 / day

Sponsored Substitute Information

Step 1: Submit your application via THIS LINK

Step 2: Complete the pre-screening questions that will be emailed to you approx. 2 days after you submit your application

Step 3: Human Resources will contact you for next steps, including the TSPC application process.

TSPC Application Process Overview Video Coming Soon

About Our Coordinators

Lisa Akins joined the Estacada School District in 2004 as part of the finance team which included duties in accounts payable, purchasing and payroll. In 2018 she, along with Kelly Hayes, became part of the Human Resources team and accepted the Coordinator position with excitement.

Her passion to continue to support our phenomenal Estacada School District staff is the driving force of her commitment to help equip our students with the knowledge and skills necessary to be resourceful and successful. Lisa has lived in Estacada since 1990 and enjoys being part of the Estacada Community while serving the District and its employees.

Kelly Hayes started her career serving the Estacada School District in 2015 as an administrative assistant. In 2018, Kelly accepted the Human Resources Coordinator position alongside Lisa Akins and together they work to serve all employees and community members in the Estacada School District.

Kelly is a native Oregonian who enjoys spending time with her family, camping and going to concerts. She graduated from Warner Pacific in 2010 earning a Bachelor of Science in Human Development. Kelly is a proud EHS alumni and currently lives in Estacada with her family.