Guideline for the PGLibrary as an iLab Location


  • Students report to iLAB for attendance
  • Teacher signs agenda & YELLOW pass for up to 5 per class for whole period; agenda required
  • iStaff will have own pass (add to yellow)
  • Use voice level 1
  • Politely provide information/pass to indicate where you are coming from/what you need to do
  • Respond positively to all adult supervisors


  • Choose location and activity that you help you complete what you are expected to be doing
  • Manage/clean up all materials, supplies
  • Be aware that you are in a multipurpose space and locate/adjust your activities accordingly


  • Use all materials, technology, furnishing for their intended purpose
  • Be aware of other activities taking place in this multipurpose space
  • Return all materials to their intended location
  • Walk, don’t run
  • In case of an emergency, follow directions of LIBRARY STAFF