Laundry Love

Purpose: To pay for people’s laundry – no strings attached

This is an opportunity to love people in a practical way that is not promoting the church or Christianity. It is an opportunity to “Be”. To love like Jesus and show unusual kindness. People are lonely and hurting and so we get to show-up and show we care through a generous heart. We are being available to the Lord by loving one another and expecting the Holy Spirit to show-up.

The Process:

  1. Sign-up on the calendar
    • Pick a (1 – 2) hour time slot that you will be at the laundromat
    • Sign for your money at the table ($50)
  2. Some people want to pair-up, sign up for your available hours that would want to pair up, so we can help coordinate meeting at the laundromat.
  3. Pick-up or download your sign to put on the window where you’re sitting.
  4. Following week, drop-off any unused money along with your sign.
  5. Provide notes on any notable God sightings.
  6. To sign-up, click the + sign on bottom rt. of the calendar and add Laundry Love to your Google calendars - it will then let you sign-up for a timeslot.

Note: If you don't have a Google account and don't want to create one or just want help, please email,

How It Works:

  1. We put up a sign near we are sitting facing in that simply says, “Free Laundry – no strings attached.''
  2. We pay for people’s Laundry as they start to do their laundry and drying
  3. When people ask why you want to pay for their laundry, just point to the sign.
    1. If they say why are you doing this? Say something like, because our world is moving so quickly, and we don’t make time for one another. It’s a simple way to greet my neighbors, to share kind words or perhaps build one another up. Maybe, getting your laundry paid for is enough.
    2. This world can be difficult, and it is nice to know that people care about others well-being.
    3. Are you part of a church? I am, but this is not what it’s about. A few friends got together and decided this would be a good thing to do. That’s all.
    4. Is this your money? It is and when it runs out, that’s it.
    5. When will you or someone be coming back? It’s random, we just decide weekly based on our schedule maybe once or twice a month.
  4. These are just suggestions which you can make your own. Less is more. Authenticity.

Note: Each month we will have money available for free laundry and when it runs-out we will start again the next month. You can donate to Laundry Love through the church, if you want to provide for yourself or someone else.

If you want to help, you can help set-up and man the table at the church on Sundays. No argument and debate, nothing negative and no debate about anything. put the coins in and move on. Ask them about how much they need (how many loads?) - know approx. cost per load.

We shouldn’t expect people to talk to us because we pay for their laundry. Just have them determine how many loads, take into consideration drying, and give them the money for laundry that’s all, unless they engage in conversation. Then be aware of the guidelines. We are not hiding the fact that we are Christian, but our focus is not to evangelize it’s simply to love in a practical way. If the Holy Spirit leads you and you sense a need, engage the person in whatever way He leads, it may be prayer, a conversation…, all without any confrontation or argument, in kindness and gentleness. Be sensitive to their needs. Just authentically love them.

It’s okay if they ask you where you go to church and when you meet but let them know that’s not what this is about. Literally we are not trying to get anything we are there to give and love as the Lord leads.

S.C Laundromat

518 Center Street, El Segundo, Ca 90245