Escurial Lodge No. 7, F. & A. M. of Nevada

In the 1860's The Masonic Lodges in the Territory of Nevada were under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of California. Escurial Lodge received its charter under the Grand Lodge of California on January 22, 1864, as Escurial Lodge No. 171. The Civil War was in full swing at that time and the Nevada Territory was already set to become a state. On October 31, 1864 Nevada was granted Statehood as the 36th State. Immediately after that time Carson Lodge 154, Carson City NV, Washoe Lodge 157, Washoe City NV, Virginia City Lodge 162, Virginia NV, Silver Star Lodge 165, Gold Hill NV, Esmeralda Lodge 170, Aurora NV, and Escurial Lodge 171, Virginia [City] NV, came together with the intent to form the Grand Lodge of Nevada.

On January 17, 1865 the Grand Lodge of Nevada was formed and the first eight lodges were reorganized and legally chartered, using the following endorsement on the back of their existing California Charters.

“This Charter having been submitted to the Grand Lodge of the State of Nevada, it is hereby ordered that the Lodge be recognized as a legally constituted Lodge under the jurisdiction of this Grand Lodge, by the name of _________ Lodge, Number___; and that this order by signed by the M.W. Grand Master, and countersigned by the V.W. Grand Secretary.” and Resolved that the same order be endorsed on the Charter of Lander Lodge 172 if desired.”

Escurial Lodge was assigned as Lodge No 7 and has been in constant operation since then.

A more in-depth history can be found on the Nevada Grand Lodge Website.