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January 14, 2019

Instructional Leaders Meeting

Please mark your calendar and register for ESC Region 11 Instructional Leaders Meeting, February 28, 2019. We will be sharing some exciting news during this session.

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Texas Rural Schools Spring Conference

March 1, 2019

Texas Rural Schools Spring Conference is about collaborating with fellow educators who work in rural schools to share successful strategies for this unique educational setting. At this conference, participants will engage with high interest topics centered around findings from the Rural School Task Force and leave with innovative tools and strategies for immediate application in their campus or district.

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January 10, 2019

TEA released a letter to Superintendents notifying them that the 90-day public dissemination and hearing period for the Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR), began on on December 21, 2018. Winter break is not included within the 90 day period. TEA requested that this information be shared with campus principals, as they would not be notified individually.

Please remember districts are required to widely publish their annual reports along with the TAPR within two weeks following the public hearing.

Meet the Team

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Nancy Copeland

Coordinator Assistant

Gretchen Kroos


Kelli Crain

Small/Rural Schools Field Service Agent

Jim Phillips


Mary Morgan


Sharon Norwood

Instructional Leadership

Dale Latham

Small/Rural Schools

Field Service Agent

Stefanie Cassels

Special Education

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Lori Cole

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Assessment /State Accountability/DRC


Important Deadlines

As many of you know, TEA is in the process of moving from TEASE to TEAL. TEA sent notification on November 15, 2018 that eGrants would be moving into TEAL.

You must have a TEAL account and link your TEASE account to use eGrants after December 14, 2018.

Should you need assistance or access to the November 15th notification, please email Laura McKean @


Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR)

The pdf version of the final TAPR will be released in TEASE and on the TEA public website shortly after final ratings are released on December 12, 2018. Please remember the TAPR pdf will be scaled back to only include major, statutorily-required data points.

Per TEA, there will be a multitude of data released in the coming weeks to the TAPR system. This data will include Performance, Participation, Attendance & Graduation, Post-secondary Readiness, Profile, and Kindergarten Readiness. Each data set will include a downloadable Excel document.