Room 118

We understand that this has been a stressful time for everyone and we are here to help as much as possible. We appreciate all that you have been doing to support your child academically! We also want you to know that it is important to support your child emotionally and that comes before any type of school work. Thank you for being patient with us- we are learning as we go!

It is required that students view these online lessons and complete the papers that go with the lesson.

Hello Room 118 students and families! Please use this site to help guide your at-home learning. We miss you!

Love, Mrs. Kohl and team


Ms. Philp -

Assistant Principal:

Mr. Snyder -

Homeroom Teacher:

Mrs. Kohl -

Teacher Assistant: Mrs. Crnkovich,

Teacher Aides: Mrs. Samentello, Mrs. Bradley

Speech Teacher:

Mrs. Law -

OT Teacher:

Mrs. Jacobs -

PT Teacher:

Mrs. Tutino -

Certified School Psychologist:

Mrs. Walton, M.A. -

Elementary School Counselor:

Ms. Wigle M.S., C.A.S. -

School Psychology Intern:

Ms. McGarry -

School Based Primary Therapist:

Ms. Thavakumar, MFT -

** Room 118 also has the Remind app for easy communication. Remind has an app for your phone or can be used through the website.