CMS HOMEwork Page

What should I expect to find on the CMS Homework Pages during the school year?

  • This website SHOULD NOT be a student's ONLY source of information for homework! ALL CMS students should have a primary, "active" way to record their homework such as a homework journal, a planner, the Reminders section on their iPad, other apps like Evernote, Google Keep, etc.
    • These pages are only a back-up system for students/parents.
    • For students to be successful at CMS, most will need a system of recording homework that they personally take part in versus relying on someone else (a teacher) to write it down here for them.
  • Blank boxes DO NOT mean that there is no homework on a particular day for a class. Sometimes teachers are absent or unable to update the page for the day. Blank boxes on this page DOES NOT excuse a student who was in class from completing work assigned in class that the student was present to hear, see, and write down themselves.
  • Teachers record a variety of different information on this site including agendas, classwork, homework, links to assignments, due dates, reminders, etc. Not all teachers record the same information. Most teachers have an online Learning Management System (Google Classroom, Edmodo) that all students will know how to access on their iPads once they go home.

Through this site you can learn what to expect from the school year, get tips on how to have a successful year, learn how to keep up with with all of our exciting events and opportunities, and so much more!