Purpose of this website

*To provide information on the architecture new Alberta curriculum

*To provide information and support understanding of how Alberta teaching and learning will shift from a two dimensional "content-based" curriculum, to a three dimensional "concept-based" curriculum

*To provide access to on-demand learning activities designed to assist teachers in gaining the skills, knowledge and understanding needed to teach conceptual understandings.

*To respond to the needs of all educational partners once the curriculum is released by continuously ever-greening this site.

What is being developed?

Alberta’s Kindergarten to Grade 12 provincial curriculum has enabled our students to achieve at world-class levels. Nonetheless, our provincial curriculum is in need of updating. Current curriculum ranges in age from eight to approximately 30 years old.

  • Alberta’s provincial curriculum (programs of study) ranges from 9 and 32 years.
  • To ensure student success, we need our curriculum to be current, relevant, meaningful and engaging for all students.
  • To reflect importance of inclusion, diversity and pluralism.
  • To include Education for Reconciliation, First Nations, Métis and Inuit experiences and perspectives as well as Francophone perspectives.

We are looking ahead to the future and working to ensure that provincial curriculum continues to give all students the best possible start in life and meet the demands of living in the 21st century.

Curriculum is being developed in the following subjects areas, Kindergarten to Grade 12:

  • Arts Education
  • Language Arts (English, French, Français)
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies
  • Sciences
  • Wellness Education
  • (Simultaneously in English and in French)

Draft Curriculum Snapshots (Kindergarten to Grade 4)

More information

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