Suzanne Coley

An integral part of my artistic process is to figure out how to start with a blank canvas and design the art object that, at the beginning, only I can see in my artistic imagination. "Getting there" involves breaking the process down into a series of simple steps, with the successive steps building upon what was created before. This is why the design of SNAP! and TurtleStitch languages are so similar to what I already do.

I am excited to join the project for several reasons. As an art educator, it allows me to explain to students the benefit of layering simple constructions to create complicated and beautiful designs. It allows the students to experiment with the designs first using the electronic simulation, and then see their designs implemented in a tangible, touchable, useable form.

I find it artistically compelling to include the mathematically precise textile designs layered with the organic elements in the final artwork. Coding empowers me with an additional language to express and explain the artistic process.