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Materials needed

All classes:

*Binder or notebook (spiral works better). It will be divided into three sections: Notes, Homework and Warm-ups/Bell-work. Have into account that we have weekly quizzes and once a week bell-work is collected for grading.

*Dry-erase marker(s) for some class exercises.


*Pencil or pen for writing. If student wants to use pen, please use black or blue ink only.

*Spanish 2 class requires:

Spanish –English/English-Spanish (Bilingual dictionary) of your choice.

In the syllabus there are some suggestions, so please have into account the key feature or ask the teacher if a particular dictionary will work for you.


  • 1st period-Spanish 2: 2pkv6o
  • 2nd period-Spanish 2: kb7mrss
  • 3rd period-Spanish 2: sz9nsw
  • 4th period-Spanish 2: 3apu9f
  • 5th period-Spanish 3: nr63o7
  • 6th period-Spanish 4: k6j3sx

Some useful websites for Spanish learning and practice

Here you'll find short clips about daily news.

Here you can check the spelling of words

you might have doubts about as well as their meaning. Diccionario de la Real Academia Española

Academias de la Lengua

Free books to download. Libros Gratis para Descargar

Some activities to practice your Spanish. Spanish Flashcards

Some activities to learn and to practice your Spanish

English and bilingual dictionary Merriam-Webster

Larousse dictionaries Larousse dictionaries

Just 4 fun

Some information about the most popular sport in the planet. FIFA

Some places to find the news in Spanish. Univisión Univisión Colorado

Telemundo Denver CNN Español - Videos