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Anyone is welcome to join the Tiger Telegraph staff. We meet on Thursdays at 8:20 throughout the year. Students should consult the board in the cafeteria to see which room we are in because we alternate. Students can participate as writers, photographers, artists, designers , editors and much more. All are welcome! We are always looking for material to add to the Tiger Telegraph. Do you have a story, article, comic , picture, puzzle , book review or anything else you want to see on the Tiger Telegraph Webpage? Send it to Mrs. Hopper or Mrs. Spies

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Ballerina Doll

This was my second year on point, since I got them when I was 12. “Are you guys excited for the audition in two weeks?” Caralina, my friend , asked us. Read more here

The Story of Barryq

Barryq was an amazing duck with amazing abilities. One day he met the love of his life at Chipotle. Read more here

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Have You found the tiger? It seems to have gone missing in the wild. Please turn it in to Mrs.Spies to get your picture taken, and get a piece of candy.

Tiger Telegraph

We are always looking for contributions from the JRMS community , so if you have writing , art, videos, or pictures email them to