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Doodle for Google

This is the time to show your creativity. Google is hosting a contest where you get to doodle what you want for the future. Like, a Earth-Cooling fan, a pill that cures all illnesses, anything! Just think everyone might see your doodle when they use Google.

Fifth-Grade Students Peek back into the Lives of the First People

By: Emma S, Aoife D and L Micola

On Thursday, November 29th, the 5th grade took a field trip to The Institute For American Studies Museum and Research Center in Washington, CT.

During the last set of block days, fifth- grade students played around with perspective by creating photo illusions. Check out this and other stories in the Art Section section.

Fun Fitness at JRMS

On October 16, Natasha H, Emma S, and Lyla M interviewed Mr. BonTempo about the newly added fitness room. They finally got a space in the building to create it because of the movement of classes. It recently opened September 12th. Learn more in the JRMS Community section

Look here for poems and stories

See more supply pictures on the contest page.

It is the Reflection Contest time. The PTA sponsors this contest every year with a different theme. This year's theme is "Heros Around Me" For more information, go to the PTA website. This year there is also a contest to come up with future themes.

This month the Tiger Telegraph sponsored a photography contest asking students to take funny or creative pictures of school supplies. Click here to see the winning pictures and picture of the Tiger Telegraph party they learn about future contest.


Snow is here!!! Snow is near!!!

It looks like snow is here in Redding soon!!!!!! Get ready for what looks like a snowy winter to come!!! Check out the Redding page for some activities happening around town.

Although the Tiger Telegraph is always accepting new members , there was a nice turnout for the first meeting.

Student Website is Underway

Tiger Telegraph is back in action. The staff meets every Thursday at 8:20 . This year the Tiger Telegraph has two advisers, Mrs. Spies and Mrs. Hopper. Meetings will rotate each week to their different classrooms, room 172 and room 209. If you are interested , we are always looking for new members.

During the first few sessions, students have come up with some great ideas for content and even some contests. You may notice signs around school about the photo contest . The staff is hoping to have refreshed content by the end of November. Before then you may slowly see some things appear, like the new puzzles in that section.

The Tiger Telegraph staff is always looking for people from JRMS to submit writing and pictures . If you are interested , send an email to or

Tiger Telegraph

We are always looking for contributions from the JRMS community , so if you have writing , art, videos, or pictures email them to