Equitable Investors Risk-Parity Core Strategy

A diversified, multi-asset Managed Account offering for wholesale investors only.

Seeking a total return through exposure to multiple asset classes over the medium-to-long term.

The Equitable Investors Risk-Parity Core Strategy seeks to balance the allocation of risk across major asset classes: Fixed Income, Global Equities, Australian Equities, Real Estate & Commodities (including gold).

Research shows that historically this approach has performed more consistently across changing market and economic environments.

This strategy is implemented primarily through ASX-listed Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

June Quarter 2020: “Stories of smaller but still significant stock-market collapses and strong recoveries, a couple of them from 2018, were widely recalled. Talk of regrets about not buying at the bottom then, or in 2009, may have left the impression that the market had fallen enough in 2020. At that point, FOMO (fear of missing out) took hold...” - Robert J. Shiller

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This strategy focuses on diversifying risk, which we primarily measure using the standard deviation of historical market prices, rather than attempting the unlikely feat of consistently forecasting returns for broad, diversified asset classes. Risk parity seeks to equalise the risk contribution from each underlying asset class within a portfolio.

This approach can generate “alpha” (excess returns) from two sources:

  • Risk-based allocations allow managers to avoid over-allocating their risk budget to a specific, risky asset class; &
  • Rebalancing of the portfolio to account for changes in asset class volatility means the strategy will increase its allocation to asset classes that have declining volatility.


For illustrative purposes only, risk exposure based on weighted historical standard deviation


Investors can build portfolios that reflect their preferences for risk and return objectives using separate components: “Core” low cost, index or rules-based investments offering diversified, broad exposure to markets; with “Satellite” investment strategies that cost more to implement and offer different risk/return exposures that compliment or enhance the overall portfolio.

Equitable Investors has developed Risk-Parity Core as a “core” solution for investors who are already exposed or are seeking exposure to Equitable’s more aggressive “satellite” strategies such as the Equitable Investors Dragonfly Fund (or with exposure to other satellite strategies managed elsewhere).



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