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Downloading Tips

The resources in this site are powered by Google Drive. If you have (or obtain) a Google account (it's free and can be a Gmail account), then you can take advantage of the full power of Google Drive, including:

  • You can download entire folders of resources. From Chrome this will automatically ZIP (compress) the folder before downloading, which will save about 60% of the download time.
  • You can attach the Resources folder (or any of the subfolders) to your My Drive, which will give you quick, direct access to the resources for easy reference in the future.

Downloading with a Google Account

We recommend using List view so you can see the full file names--the icon to change views is in the upper-right corner of the screen on the second row.

When logged in to your Google account:

  1. To download the folder that is currently open,
    1. click on the dropdown arrow at the top and choose Download.
  2. To download several items (files and/or folders) from the current folder,
    1. highlight the items first
      1. (you can use shift+click to highlight a series of items, clicking on the first and then the last of the series)
      2. (you can use ctrl+click to highlight several individual folders or files one after the other)
    2. then right-click the highlighted files and choose Download.
  3. To download a single file or folder, right-click the item then choose Download.

Downloading without a Google Account

NOTE: you can always browse this site, its folders, and files easily but if you do not log in to a Google account prior to downloading, you will be limited to downloading each file individually.

  • However over any file and you will have a Download option appear:
    • in List view, you will see the Download option on the far right;
    • in Grid view, you will see a down-arrow in the upper left corner.

Adding Our Resources Folder to your My Drive

With your Google account, attaching any of our folders to your My Drive gives you easy and direct access to our resources. It does NOT start downloading the files or move them to your folders on Google Drive. It does NOT eat up your quota of space on Google Drive.

  1. To add the root Resources folder to your My Drive, first click on the Resources folder at the top of your screen, then click on the dropdown arrow at the top and choosing Add to My Drive. From the root folder, you can always drill down to access all of the subfolders.
  2. Alternatively, any active folder can be attached by clicking the dropdown arrow at the top and choosing Add to My Drive.
  3. Or, any folder on the screen can be attached by right-clicking the folder and choosing Add to My Drive.

Google Account

A Google account is free and easy to obtain. You can use your Gmail account if you have one already.

To obtain a Google account