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What's New in Version 2.0.1

EQUIAVIA Horse Care now has email functionality in version 2.0.1 which provides the user the ability to send and keep a history of data external from the app.

This functionality can be useful to be able to send a health check to the vet. You can also send an e-mail which contains a shopping list of all the items in your first aid kit that is not checked, with a notes section to add more items.

Keeping track on your horse's body condition score, health checks or sending all the information to a new owner. Very impressive comprehensive and professional email with his rug size estimated weight and carry to weight.

Or maybe add his health check, as to prove that you have looked at all his vital signs before you loaded him on the truck to his new owners.

The “In Case of Emergency” contact list can be emailed and printed out, to put it up in your tack room or to email the information to your friend, who is going to look after your horses. It can save time in a critical situation if the numbers and information are close by when the is an emergency. Image if your friend needs to call out the fire brigade and does not know what your properties address is.

To be able to email the data from your app gives endless options to be more proactive in sharing and keeping information on your horse.


Please note that : Only EQUIAVIA Horse Care Version 1.0.0 is available on Google play.

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