Equestrian 4 Everyone Team Website

Welcome to Equestrian 4 Everyone. We want all team members to have access to important information, anytime they need it, and so we have created this website just for you.

Who are We?

Equestrian 4 Everyone is a charitable trust. That means that we are a charity, we don't make a profit (or at least any profit we make goes straight back into the organisation) led by a Board of Trustees. We have a team of coaches to manage all the client programs, led by Maria Cooper our head coach, and a team of dedicated volunteers.

What and Who are the Board?

The Board is made up of a number of people with different skills, who not only make long term decisions about what the organisation does (our principles), but also work to ensure that there is enough money to pay the expenses, that we have somewhere to work from, and makes all the hiring and purchasing decisions to keep E4E running. The current Board of Trustees are all volunteers, and currently they all have more than one role e.g. you might find one of the Board members is also a volunteer horse leader, or comes one day per week to do fencing, or general work around the grounds.

The current board is:

  • Sarah Sharp - Chairperson, and Treasurer. Sarah also manages all the client program administration, staff and volunteers.
  • Cushla Walsh - Secretary. Cushla volunteers as a horse leader on Wednesday mornings, and can often be seen weeding the garden or helping with other tasks.
  • Adrienne Croad - Funding . Adrienne also manages the PD workers on Sunday's
  • Vivien Dostine - IT, PR. Viv helps with horse training, and general farm duties
Sarah Sharp, Board Chair
Sarah Sharp

Cushla Walsh
Cushla Walsh
Adrienne Croad
Adrienne Croad

Viv Dostine
Vivien Dostine

Our Coaching Staff

Depending on what day you work, you may not get to meet the entire team very often. So here is a brief overview of our coaching staff.

  • Maria Cooper - Head Coach. Maria is the boss on a day-to-day basis, has overall responsibility for the client programs, all the coaches, and volunteers, and the horses. She reports to the Board monthly, and works closely with the Board team.
  • Rebecca Iti - Wed "Little Lessons" coach. Rebecca is a trained pre-school teacher, and has years of experience as a riding instructor and miniature horse trainer.
  • Joann (Wheatley) Bevens - Sat coach. Joann is a skilled educator who has worked with hundreds of students over eleven years in the classroom., and has a love of horses. MSc, Special Education: Texas A&M University B.A. Communication: Hofstra University, NY
  • Jamie Harrison - Sun coach and volunteer.
  • Annaleise Miles - Annalise is an assistant coach, and may help out with busy weekend sessions, or fill in when needed.
  • Abby Linton-Price - Special Olympics coach. Abby is our specialist coach for the Special Olympics program

All coaches must have their workplace first aid certificate, and we are creating a professional development strategy to ensure that we provide our coaches with opportunities to improve, and maintain their qualifications over time.

Check our main website to see our team profiles


Our volunteers are the heart of our organisation. We aim to have the best volunteer training, and recognition programs of any charity in New Zealand.

Most of the roles we have are voluntary, including our Board of Trustees, not because we do not value the contributions each and every person makes, but simply because as a charity we cannot fund salaries for all positions, and keep our costs for our clients affordable. We strive to ensure that our volunteers are well trained, have rewarding roles, and that we recognise their generous dedicated service in ways that matter to them.