Welcome, Eqholyte

Welcome to EQHO's Global Resource Management site!

Now, first things first.

Who or what is GRM?

GRM stands for Global Resource Management (as you may already know by now).

We, the team, source vendors and freelancers for our company's projects.

What is an Eqholyte?

An acolyte is an assistant, or follower of a celebrant.

We like to think better, that our resources are more of a partner than assistant.

So we created the term Eqholyte to remind our resources who their partner is, and to remind us, EQHO, who we are working with.

What can I expect from this site?

Ah, good question. Anything at all that can bolster our partnership!

We've put an initial number of tabs on top, but that can change depending on what you need or suggest.

We can even perhaps highlight an Eqholyte's work that gained client praise!

What's next?

Exciting days ahead!

We are ramping and excited to share with you some new projects our team is working hard to get.

All hands on deck and let's hit it out of the park!

What Eqholytes are saying:

"It has been exciting working with EQHO. Looking forward to participate in another project in EQHO."

Finny S (VO Talent)

"Thank you Eqho for the amazing experience I had with you all."

Thereza H (VO Talent)

"Professional environment, great staff and nice studio!"

Seb C (VO Talent)

"I love working with EQHO! I would only suggest a more environment friendly solution to all the printed paper for voice talents and voice monitors. Maybe read off the screen or a tablet "

Alejandra C (VO Talent)

"EQHO has nice PMs."

Jae W (Linguist)

"Nice team work."

Shawn X (VT, LM, QA)

"Happy to work n excellent co-ordination from the management team. It could be better to increase projects to us either translation or proof reading."

Somanadham M (Linguist)

We're socially inclined and we'd love to connect with you!