360º Ideation to Execution

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EQator is an ideation-to-execution firm based in Singapore, 1º 15' North of the Equator. We believe that technology and education are key enablers in tackling the climate crisis. EQator works at the intersection of these fields in a cross-disciplinary manner to support sustainable initiatives. The EQ in our name signifies the importance of holistic, relationship-centred approaches in overcoming the conflicts often present in tough challenges, such as climate change.

Focus Areas



Climate Change

Our Approach

0º Ideation

We provide a fertile ground for innovative, first principles-based thinking. We help inspire, craft & refine structures, strategies & initiatives for your organisation through our multi-disciplinary experience and programmes.

90º Conceptualisation

We support the design of experiential programmes at the intersection of technology, education & climate change that enable lifelong learning for participants across all walks of life. We incorporate co-creation & shared ownership as key principles through the process.

180º Facilitation

It is not only about the right flow: it is about drawing on the group’s expertise & establishing trust amongst diverse participants, creating a space for insights & generating outcomes. We help you lead the process from behind and leverage our methodology to conduct meaningful trainings & meetings.

270º Communication

We support you in discerning the forest from the trees, and designing your approach to engaging your stakeholders optimally. We aim to deliver the right level of sensitivity, while yet being effective.

360º Evaluation

We design evaluation frameworks to help measure the impact of your organisation and initiatives at multiple levels, setting the stage for refinement and ongoing improvement. Our planet deserves nothing less.