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For over one-hundred years, East Providence High School in Rhode Island has produced the highest caliber of scholars and citizens. Today, EPHS upholds this tradition of excellence and maintains a strong sense of community. We strive to move forward in this changing world and meet the challenges of the Twenty-First century.

The mission of East Providence High School is to provide meaningful learning experiences that will prepare students for post-secondary opportunities and establish a community where all individuals become empowered to be life-long learners and responsible, productive, engaged citizens.

The vision of East Providence High School is to have every student achieve at his or her maximum potential in an engaging, inspiring and challenging learning environment which encourages all learners to believe in their power to embrace learning, excel and own their future.

East Providence High School is the Home of Townie Pride.

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Academic Expectations

All East Providence High School graduates must achieve proficiency in each of the PBGR requirements.

Social Expectations

All East Providence High School graduates must adhere to the school’s common core of respect, tolerance and responsibility by complying with school rules in demonstrating behavior that contributes to a positive learning community.

Civic Expectations

All East Providence High School graduates must complete 6 hours of community service each year they are in attendance at our school.


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Morning Announcements EPHS


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