Lunch Bunch Groups

As part of the school counseling program at Elmwood Park Middle School, it is our privilege to provide opportunities for students to meet in small groups. Groups will take place during students' lunch/Study Skills periods for a duration of six weeks, once a week. If any of the groups listed below are of interest to your son/daughter, please complete the form which can be accessed by clicking the link below the group offerings.

Magnificent Me: The focus of this group is on self-concept, raising self-esteem, gaining self-confidence, and feeling good about who you are.

R.E.S.P.E.C.T: This group will focus on several social skills including: respecting differences, empathy, sharing, personal space, expectations, cooperation, and thoughts and feelings.

Worry Busters: This group is designed to help students recognize anxiety and why worries happen, understand how anxiety affects our minds and bodies, and learn effective ways to minimize and cope with worry.

"I Got This": This group's focus is to help with organizational and motivational skills. Students are encouraged to incorporate the skills taught in their classrooms and homes.

Cool Off: This is a group for students needing support with managing angry feelings. Students will learn to understand their anger, techniques for expressing anger, the effects of anger on self and others, controlling anger, and cooling off.

Brighter Days: This group is designed to support students through any grief they may be experiencing. Students will learn about the grief process, learn to recognize and express feelings of sadness, and develop healthy coping skills.

New Horizons: The purpose of this group is for new students to meet and talk with each other so they feel comfortable in their new school setting.

Changing Families: This group is for students who are experiencing changes in their family through separation, divorce, blending families, and remarriage.

Lunch Bunch Form

Any additional questions, please contact our Student Assistance Coordinator, Danielle Leva at or

201-796-8700 ext. 2969.