Epping: Farm To School

The mission of Epping's Farm to School program is to teach and engage every student to contribute to their community, demonstrate competency in healthy living and understand where their food comes from for a successful future in life, career or college.

Email: farmtoschool@eppingsd.org Instagram: EppingFarm2School

History of the Farm to School Committee

Ronnie Bush started incorporating Farm to School in 2008. The official New Hampshire Farm to School was inspired by the Vermont Farm to School program. Wellness, gardening skills and bringing healthy food to our schools has been happening for years now. The Farm to School subcommittee was started in the Spring of 2014 by Ronnie Bush, Keely Gott, Kathy S-B, Jennifer Russell, and Joanne Reed. At a conference at Shelburne Farms in Vermont, the goals for this conference were to create action plans for the future of the program and to gain more participation with students, teachers, and the community at the Epping School District. In June of 2018, a team including Ronnie Bush, Keely Gott, Kathy S-B, Jess Marcoux, Hannah Garvey, and Liz Tong was sent to the University of New Hampshire. At this conference as a group we worked together to get new ideas for the program including the involvement of all of the community in and outside of the schools as well as sustainability of the program. In March of 2019, students joined the Farm to School committee: Ryan Hoelzel, Shyla Drew, and Mercedes Nash.

National Farm to School Website

Nationwide Farm to School has been able to engage over 23 million students within over 40,000 schools. They work to inform children and their families about healthy living, food education, as well as agricultural education in different communities.

NH's Harvest of the Month Website

New Hampshire's Harvest of the Month program is within the Farm to School program. They try to promote seasonal eating throughout the year that also tries to support the local community as well. They provide calendars that is solely based on New Hampshire's resources and New England's resources available on a monthly basis.

Resources and Calendars

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