The Library Media Center

Epping Elementary School

Our Library is on the Move!

2020 has certainly presented us with some unexpected challenges, but that isn't stopping us from getting books into the hands of Epping's students.

Summer 2020 ESD Bookmobile

2020-2021 Library on a Cart

COVID couldn't stop us from getting books to our students!

Mrs. Newman, Librarian at EMS/EHS, and Kerstin Rossel, Librarian at EES, took the library on the road during the Summer of 2020.

Check out some of the highlights from our travels:

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The Library may be closed, but the kids are still reading.

Mrs. Rossel is taking the show on the road this year. Due to COVID, the Library Media Center is closed to students. Mrs. Rossel travels to all classrooms k-5 on a 4 weeks-on/4 weeks-off rotation. During their time together she shares the joy of reading and teaches digital literacy skills.

Bins of books based on student interests are provided for students in K-2 to choose from weekly. Students in grades 3-5 fill out weekly Google Forms to order specific titles. Book check out occurs weekly regardless of whether students are currently in the 4 week class rotation.

Remote students are provided recorded readings and/or lessons weekly as well as Google Book Order Forms. Mrs. Rossel meets with K-2 remote students at 1:35 each D day for a live reading and book discussion. Families can pick up and return library books to the bins located in front of EES.

Questions, Ideas, Suggestions?

Contact your Librarian!

Kerstin Rossel 603.679.8018 ext. 3234