Our School

Our History

The suburb of Epping was established in 1853, named after Epping Forest. In the 1870's, Epping -Primary School had been established. The school consisted of two blue-stone buildings (which still stand, and are heritage listed), and farm land.

At the beginning of 2012, Epping Primary School and Greenbrook Primary School officially merged under the name Epping Primary School. Becoming one school has enabled a greater flow of resources and interchangeable staff, swapping knowledge and expertise between campuses.


As of 2019, our school holds over 450 students across both campuses.

In our latest statistical analysis of our student backgrounds, 49% of our students come from a language background other than English. The predominant linguistic backgrounds of students attending the school are Arabic and Hindi, however our diverse array of languages and backgrounds covers many parts of the globe and allows us to foster an inclusive and caring environment that makes every person feel welcome and valued.