Specialist Subjects

Physical education

Every grade attends a one-hour session with a specialist Physical Education teacher each week. There is an emphasis on movement and skills. Class teachers are also encouraged to take their grades for some physical activity each day. All the children are encouraged to be involved in a full range of sports and games.

We also offer swimming classes for children in grades Prep – Four.

Class teachers deal with many of the health related topics in the classroom with the Life Education Van visiting every second year.

Interschool Sport

Epping Primary School is part of the Lalor District School Sport Association. Grade 5/6 children play a number of sports each Friday against schools in the district.

Those sports are; Cricket, Bat Tennis, Rounders, Softball, Netball, Volleyball, Soccer, Football and Basketball.

We also compete in Athletics and Cross Country.

Visual Arts

Performing arts

Epping Primary School’s Performing Arts program is vibrant and diverse, covering the three Arts areas of Music, Dance and Drama.

In Music, students have the opportunity to explore a range of sounds and play a variety of instruments. They develop their understanding of how to read musical notation and incorporate this into their own compositions.

The students are also involved in learning to play the Ukulele from Grade 3 onwards.

Further to the Music program, there is also a Choir and Band program that is available to students from Grades 3 - 6. Students involved in these programs perform throughout the year at a variety of events and are also given the opportunity to record their work in a professional music studio.

In Dance, students learn about safe dance practices including posture, alignment and spatial awareness. Students express themselves through movement and create choreographic works that tell a story or share an emotion.

In Drama, expression of the face, body and voice is the core focus. Students begin to develop this from Foundation all the way through to Grade 6, where they create their own characters and perform to small audiences.

Stagecraft techniques of blocking scenes and projection are also explored as students develop their understanding of performance.

In addition to weekly lessons in Music, Dance or Drama, a whole school production is presented every second year at the Plenty Ranges Arts and Convention Centre.

L.O.T.E. (Italian)

Epping Primary School is devoted to extending the learning experiences for our students through the reintroduction of the Italian language.

On a weekly basis, students from Prep to Year 6 participate in Italian classes with a focus on:

  • Socialising - Interacting with the teacher and peers to introduce themselves, naming and describing favourite things, friends, family members and special talents through action related talk and play.
  • Informing - Locating specific items of information in texts using early literacy skills.
  • Creating - Participating in shared reading/viewing of short imaginative texts and responding by drawing, miming, performing and through other forms of expression.
  • Translating - Sharing with others what they can express in Italian and explaining to others the meanings of particular words and when they are used, for example; ciao.
  • Reflecting – Beginning to notice what is ‘new’ or ‘interesting’ in the Italian language and culture while recognising similarities and differences between Italian and Australian cultural practices.
  • Understanding - Reproducing the sounds of the Italian language.

The Languages curriculum aims to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills to ensure that students:

  • Communicate in the language they are learning,
  • Understand the relationship between language, culture and learning,
  • Develop intercultural capabilities, and
  • Understand themselves as communicators.

As part of the Italian language program at Epping Primary School, we will be holding a ‘2019 Italian Day’. This event aims to immerse our students in a variety of Italian activities throughout the day, extending their knowledge and understanding of the Italian culture.