This will be the 4th year of the Epic Wildwood Summer Mission. Therefore many contacts with employers have been made. In the past, almost every student has secured a job position by the end of the first week of Summer Mission (SM). It is your responsibility, however, to secure your own job. Any job taken must follow the job guidelines listed below and be approved by a Summer Mission Team Leader.


  • Work Days are Monday- Friday and you must have Saturdays and Sundays off (no exceptions). You can work no later than 5PM on weekdays except for Fridays when you are available all day (until 12 midnight). The best work schedule is 25-35 hours, six days per week.
  • You must take Saturdays and Sundays off.
  • No one may work less than 25 hrs. or more than 40 hrs. per week (30-35hrs is preferred).
  • You may start work on Monday, June 22nd. Make sure to clearly communicate to prospective employer the date the summer mission is over (last work day is Friday, July 31). Once you accept a position, you are not allowed to quit your job, so select carefully.
  • You will need to provide your own transportation to/from your job. However, if you don't drive your car to Wildwood, you may be able to walk to your job, carpool with other students, or bring/purchase a bike for the summer. Most students get jobs on the boardwalk which is a short walk from student housing.

Begin praying for a job where you can minister to others. You are welcome to look for a job before the mission starts if you want to, but before accepting a job you need to get approval. Most of you will find a job after you get to Wildwood. We will explain all of that after you arrive. See below for a list of past employers. More info about jobs will be available later in the Spring.

**You will need a copy of your driver’s license and social security card so be sure and bring those.


Morey’s Piers and Beachfront Waterparks (Game & Ride Operator, Food Service, Admissions, Lifeguard, Merchandise, Park Services)

Splash Zone Waterpark (Lifeguard, Food Services, Admissions)

→ ACME Grocery (Cashier, Stock)

McDonalds (Cashier, Cook, Drive-Thru)

Staples (Cashier, Sales, Stock)

Bed Bath & Beyond (Cashier, Sales, Stock)

Walmart (Cashier, Sales, Stock)

Boardwalk Shops & Restaurants

→ In-Town Shops & Restaurants

→ Inland Shops & Restaurants (Rio Grande/Cape May)