Important Summer Information

Arrival and Departure:

  • You will need to arrive in Wildwood on Wednesday, June 17th, between 12:00pm – 5:00pm. You will need to arrange travel plans yourself to either drive or fly. A suggestion is to coordinate with other students attending and arrange carpools and/or caravans to travel together. Please feel free to use the Facebook page to coordinate travel plans.
  • If you need to arrive to Wildwood after June 17th (finals, graduation, etc), please let us know as soon as possible (email or and we can discuss it
  • If you plan on flying, you can fly into the Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) or the Atlantic City International Airport
      • From PHL, you can take the train or bus to get to Wildwood
      • From Atlantic City, you can take the bus to get to Wildwood
  • We will begin the summer with a few days of orientation and then you will be able to start work on Monday, June 22th. You will have time and opportunities to look for a job once you arrive, but if you desire, you may try to have your job lined up before arriving, or at least have some leads. Check the Jobs page for more information regarding job parameters.
  • Our time in Wildwood ends the morning of Wednesday, August 5th. Once again, please coordinate travel plans on your own to leave that morning.

Current Health Insurance Information:

  • If you currently have, or more importantly, will have health insurance this summer during the Summer Mission (SM) please bring, for your own use, your Health Insurance Card or a copy of your current insurance information. HIPPA rules and legal liability does not allow us to know your current health insurance information. You will simply need to bring it in case you would need it.
  • If you do not have health insurance, you will automatically be ensured under an automatic policy that our SM covers for you. Everyone will be enrolled in this insurance, even if you have health insurance. Cru's additional insurance will ONLY cover emergency Summer Mission related incidents.
  • We will be sending more information about this later. Simply know that if you have health insurance, the insurance from the SM will be your secondary policy that you can use in case you need.


  • You are on your own to purchase meals and groceries for the summer. There will only be a handful of meals provided by the SM.
  • Each unit will have a kitchenette where you can prepare your meals. Basic kitchen supplies are included in each unit.


Plan to bring only those clothes and other items that will be absolutely necessary. This summer is not a fashion contest! Space is tight so you may not want to bring a bunch of “stuff”. Be cool and casual. Don’t forget to bring a nice outfit or two for church as well as our two SM banquets!


You will have a free night during the week in the evening, but your schedule will be quite full with Bible studies, training times, teaching times, outreaches and fun. We trust God will be at work in our midst as we learn to walk more closely with Him and as we seek to reach the lost around us.

Due to the nature of the SM, the full schedule and the community environment, there will not be opportunities for you to leave the SM during the summer. We will have SM events throughout the weekends. Family members, however, are welcome to come and visit! If you feel you have an important reason to leave for a short time (ex. you are in your sister’s wedding) just let us know (email or prior to SM and we can discuss it.

Your Summer Address:

Your name

c/o Epic Movement

328 East 26th Avenue

Wildwood NJ 08260

Do not have mail sent here before June 17th or after August 1st.