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We are a private studio and only schedule appointments by email. Doors are no longer open for walk-in's but, you might still be able to get in (see "Walk-in" below). We NEVER rush tattoos and promise not to rush yours. This not only increases the quality of your tattoo experience but, also increases the time it takes to provide you the level of attention you deserve. Thank you for your patience.

Please be advised that we are currently booking most tattoo appointments 3 -4 months in advance

STEP 1: Please review the info below FIRST!

Appointments are only made through email - How does it work?

Once you have sent an email we will review your request & contact you in the order received. Reply times may vary from 24 hours to ~ 2 weeks (maybe more). We try to reply to everyone ASAP daily to avoid unnecessary wait times. However, we're usually busy tattooing all day. On Tuesdays, all three artists spend a full 8 hr. day together going through all your submissions to get everyone sorted and assigned to the first available artist. Thereafter, wait times vary depending on your artists workload.

Once reviewed, we will generally reply to your email with a price quote & a private link to book an appointment in our calendar. DONE!

If your tattoo is more complex and requires meeting with an artist in person, we will send you a link to schedule a "Consultation Appointment" instead. At the consultation you can meet with an artist in person to discuss the many variables that ultimately determine price, time, availability, etc. (please see FAQ "Consultations" below for more info).

If you've requested a "walk-in" and we have time, we will contact you. If we don't reply, we unfortunately don't have any openings and kindly suggest scheduling an appointment.

Although we would love to tattoo everyone, we may not be able to accommodate everyone's request and we may not be able to make that determination until it is your turn for review. Thank you for understanding.

"What's your soonest opening? How long is the wait? When will you call me?" etc.

We are asked this question daily and the answer is... it depends... daily!

We have 3 artists with varying schedules and we work by appointment and in order received. To get a tattoo appointment (including walk-ins) please send us an email (see "Step 2" below).

We will call or email you when it is your turn. This may take minutes to weeks depending on our current workload. Actual tattoo dates & times can vary from "today" to months depending on the scope of your request and our availability.

We schedule extra time for every tattoo and sometimes this can create openings for "walk-ins". If we do have an opening, we refer to the email submissions to fill those spots. We are a pretty busy studio, so we recommend scheduling an appointment to guarantee a date & time instead of trying to "walk in".

The same can be said for larger custom tattoos and/or artwork. The wait depends on "how much" custom artwork you require, your artist and how many customers they have ahead of you. The best way to know about availability for larger work is to schedule a "consultation appointment" where you can discuss your tattoo ideas and scheduling with your artist in advance (see "Consultations").

"Walk-in" / "Today" tattoos

All tattoos are currently by appointment.

"Walk-ins" or "today" tattoos are welcome (if we have time). To get a "walk-in", you MUST submit an email first so we can see what you want done. If we have any openings, we will contact you. If we do not reply, we simply didn't have any openings at that time. We schedule extra time for every tattoo and sometimes this can create openings for "walk-ins". If we do have an opening, we refer to the email submissions to fill those spots. We are a pretty busy studio, so we recommend scheduling an appointment to guarantee a date & time instead of trying to just "walk in".

Tattoo Prices

The best way to get a price quote is to send us an email.

Our shop has a $100 minimum and our Hourly Rate is $150

We price in TWO ways, “Set Price” or “By the Hour”.

“Set Price” = A set price agreed upon in advance by you and your artist (regardless of time)

“By the Hour” = Pay hourly ($150) with a 3hr minimum per session.

Prices are determined by time, size & level of complexity. In many ways, you can help determine the price because designs can be made larger, smaller and/or modified to fit your budget. Let us know how much you feel comfortable spending and we will work closely with you to design a custom tattoo that fits your price range.

Groups & Friends for Tattoos

Groups are welcome to book separate appointments with separate artists at the same time. You are also welcome to schedule "back to back" appointments but, only one person (must also have an appointment) will be allowed to accompany you in the building at a time.

Tattoo Consultations (Meet w/ artist first)

Consultations help define the many variables that will help determine the time, price and overall scope of your tattoo. All consultations are FREE and provide an excellent opportunity for you to meet with an artist to discuss your ideas BEFORE you get a tattoo. After reviewing you email submission we will send you an email link for a consultation if one is needed (consultations appointments are generally reserved for larger, more complex tattoos requiring custom artwork etc.).

Please note: The wait time for your actual tattoo date after a consultation varies and can be within days to months depending on your artists workload.

“Consultation Appointments” are FREE and without obligation to get a tattoo, however to book an Artist (1-2 hours at no charge) a $25.00 cash deposit (payed in studio) or a $25 online card hold is required. These deposits/holds are immediately refunded/released provided you do not miss your appointment. Deposits help eliminate “no-shows” and allows us to work with serious clientele on a professional basis. Sorry, we DO NOT schedule consultation appointments without the deposit.

Please visit our FAQ page for more Q&A's

STEP 2: Send us a tattoo request via email with the info below (for appointments, price quotes, consultations, etc.)

Please send an email with the following information to:



Budget (if any):

Tattoo Description: (ie: size, where on body, color or black & grey, etc.)

PLEASE attach photos if possible (They don't have to be exactly what you want. Anything that will help us visually interpret your idea(s) will help us move faster)

Thank you! We will reply in order received (THIS MAY BE MINUTES TO WEEKS) depending on our current workload.