Chromebook Troubleshooting steps

90% of all chromebook problems can be solved by simply turning the chromebook all the way off, and on again.

To do so, hold the power button. The screen will fade to pure white, and then will turn off. That's when you know the chromebook is actually turned off. After that, simply hit the power button again, and it should turn on normally

Clever Badges can cause some interesting (problematic) behavior on chromebooks. When a student uses a clever badge to log in to the chromebook, they MUST log out or power down the chromebook when they're done. If they just close the lid, they've effectively locked themselves out of the chromebook, and will not be able to log themselves back in. (See first tip for repair.) Students logging in to the chromebooks by typing in their usernames and passwords will not have this problem.

It's important to note that Ephrata School District chromebooks are set to automatically join our wifi, but will need to be manually joined to user's home wifi.

Lastly, the chromebook might not have any battery charge left. Please make sure it's got a charged battery. Battery charge on chromebooks usually only takes a few hours. If the chromebook was left uncharged for an extended period of time, however, it may take up to two days for the battery to start charging. If that's the case, Please see the next tip.

If none of these work, We suggest bringing the chromebook back to the school it was picked up from, and exchanging it for another.

We will be adding more troubleshooting tips to this page as we find common problems that can be addressed over the phone.