About Us


To Provide A Rigorous, Academic, College Preparatory Experience,

With An Emphasis On The STEAM Program

(Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math)

While Nurturing Their Social, Cultural and Athletic Skills.


Writing across the Disciplines using academic vocabulary, reading comprehension and evidence to support claims, generate hypotheses, pose arguments and solve real world problems

How do we teach

  • Excelsior prep believes in the efficacy paradigm which advocates for nurturing student success
  • Bell to bell instruction
  • Build relationships with students through advisory
  • Progressive increase in rigor through the usage of depth of knowledge and bloom’s taxonomy
  • Create opportunities for collaborative and differentiated learning
  • Constructivist/inquiry based classrooms
  • Create opportunities for students to make their implicit reasoning, problem solving and critical thinking explicit
  • Align curricula and lessons with the common core standards for college and career readiness
  • Create a learning environment where students develop their social awareness, self-management and decision making skills
  • Frequent checks for understanding to assess student learning throughout a given lesson
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