Excelsior Preparatory High School

Upcoming Events

  • May 18th

College Decision Day Celebration

  • May 19th

Raga Cubana & Excelsior Prep Band Performance 10am-1pm

Regents Prep

Achieve Now Academy

PTA Meeting @ 10am

  • May 23rd

National Honor Society Induction Ceremony

  • May 28th

School Closed

Thank you for making Excelsior Preparatory High School a part of your educational journey. The experiences you will have are a combination of academics, athletics, the arts and social/emotional values that are specifically incorporated into our school community to enhance your overall foundation. It is important to learn to prioritize and maintain a balanced life that contributes to success and enjoyment of the fruits of your labor. These are skills that over your lifetime will help you to maintain your focus towards achieving your goals. Hard work, dedication and self-confidence will play significant roles in your ability to be successful.


Lilly Narine Lucas, Principal

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