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The Department of English is one of the most active department in the Institute and caters to all the English language needs of the Institute. Apart from that, the English Language lecturers are also very involved in Professional Development courses organised by the Institute and the Department itself and activities/programmes under MBM/MBI, JPM and IPGM. It is also known as JB, runs its office under strict Q management style. Every management procedure especially the teaching and learning activity is followed and audited every semester according to the standards agreed, and also in accordance to MOE circulars and directives. The department is housed on the second floor of the west wing of Anjung Cendekia. The courses offered by the Department are as follows (according to programme):

PPISMP (Foundation) Courses

English Proficiency (MPU3022)

This course is designed to improve the proficiency level of first year degree (PISMP) students. The course aims to do this through an integration of reading, listening, writing and speaking skills with appropriate consideration given to grammar, using a variety of materials.

Effective Communication in English (GEEC1052)

This course focuses on developing the non-TESL students' ability to communicate effectively in the English language. The aim of this course is to provide opportunities for students to employ English language skills in both social and academic contexts.

Communicative English for the Teaching of Young Learners (PAKK1142)

This course focuses on teacher and learner language and communication in Early Childhood Education (ECE)context which entails appropriate language use in ECE setting, strategies to enhance communication skills in accordance to ECE curricula and creating English language environment in ECE classroom. This course aims to enhance the instructional knowledge and skills of ECE educators for effective and appropriate classroom management and procedures. This course is run as a team teaching with Early Childhood Education Department (PAKK).

Language Development in the Bilingual/ Multilingual Early Childhood Education (ECE) Context (PAKK1182)

This course focuses on the development of bilingualism/ multilingualism in early childhood education (ECE) by examining the theories and basic principles of language acquisition, the development of language literacy, the strategies for the teaching of English, and the use of multi-cultural literary materials in a bilingual/ multilingual ECE setting. The rationale of this course is to enhance students’ understanding on children's language development which includes second language learning and to explore issues related to bilingualism/ multilingualism in the ECE context. This course is also conducted in team teaching with PAKK department.


Please refer to the programme structure below.

TESL PISMP Ambilan Jun 2020 (structure).pdf


Research & Innovations

The department inculcates the research culture among members and students , especially in the field of TESL methodology and other academic areas relating to the training of ESL teachers. English Department is an active contributor to the IPG KPM research publications and proceedings. Yearly the department contributes at least one research paper for publication - which is handled by the Research and Innovation Department of IPG KPM

Admission to TESL Programme, IPGK PM

Greetings from English Department. We welcome you to our spectacular yet amazing and wonderful classes.

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Foundation PPISMP

Degree Programme (PISMP TESL)