The Enchanted Players Theatre Company run Enchanted Parties and have done since 2013 we have a number of themes for all ages and personalities.

We can of course create a new bespoke theme for your individual little one!

All parties include your chosen character to host & entertain. They will host the party with;

  • Story
  • Parachute games
  • themed party games
  • magic
  • balloon modelling
  • disco
  • bubbles & snow
  • ending with certificates

For the 1 hour/ 1.5 hour or 2hr slot rate, any extra characters are then £40 extra thereafter. We also have other services in the drop down box e.g.

  • Face painting
  • Extra character
  • Nail and make up or
  • Disco lights
  • Pass the parcel

Parties EPTC offer & our List of themes:


  • Nursery rhyme parties : We have productions parties which we can bring a show of a nursery rhyme to your party.
  • Princess and Prince Parties : Characters ; Snow queen – Snow princess – Belle – Cinders – Merida – Ariel (3 outfits) – Aurora – The frog princess – Snow White – Jasmine – Ella Cinderella (new) – Pocahontas – Rapunzel
  • Horrible Histories party : With An entertainer dressed as your chosen era
  • Pirate parties : Characters; Hook – Zarina – Jake
  • Astronaut Space parties : With an Astronaut captain
  • Thomas the tank parties : With The fat controller male or female
  • Spy parties : With a spy entertainer
  • Harry Potter parties : With a witch or wizard to entertain
  • Fairy parties : Characters ; The Woodland fairy – The mystical fairy – The water fairy – Fawn the nature fairy
  • Flower fairy parties : All flower fairies available to host.
  • Jungle drama parties with face paints : With an entertainer
  • Story telling parties (themed to your choice)
  • Street dance parties : Any artist themed.
  • Rag doll parties : A rag doll to entertain
  • Barbie parties : Barbie traditional
  • Teddy bears picnic : An Entertainer with teddies to run teddy games, races before tea!
  • Neverland parties : Characters; Peter Pan – Tinker Bell – Hook – Wendy darling – Fawn the nature fairy
  • Easter bunny parties : With the Easter bunny & entertainer or Tink & bunny
  • Shakespeare parties : With any Shakespeare character to entertain.
  • Wonderland parties : Characters; Alice – Queen of hearts – White rabbit (female tap dancing or male erratic)
  • Snow queen parties : Characters; Snow queen – Snow princess – Olaf – Kristoff
  • Traditional games parties : With an entertainer to run traditional games
  • Disco parties : With an entertainer to run the disco
  • Gruffalo parties : An entertainer and the little brown mouse
  • Wizard of oz. parties : Dorothy and a live Toto!
  • Dragon parties : (mascot & entertainer)
  • My little pony parties : Rainbow dash equestrian
  • Super hero parties : Characters; Batman – Robin – Superman – Spiderman – Captain America
  • Craft parties : Crafts to suit your child’s interest
  • Drama parties : A mix of fun uplifting drama games
  • Musical Theatre parties : Based on MT in general or a specific interest
  • Cheerleading parties : One cheerleader to entertain
  • 101 dalmation parties : With Cruella and her Dalmatian friend (She’s reformed don’t you know!)

Our Prices (within a 25 mile radius);

£130 for the hour,

£150 for 1.5 hours,

£180 for 2 hrs.


25 – 40 miles : £20

40 – 50 miles : £30

£35 extra for a beautician to do nail polish and make up.

£20 extra for over 20 children

Face painter £35 (all other parties other than jungle play party.)

Extra Entertainer / Character £40

We will not operate outside the 50 mile radius.

When selecting a theme that is not in the drop down box just select OTHER and then state the theme.

Please ensure that when booking a party that you do contact us first. It is advisable to ensure that you have filled out the enquiry form and that we have confirmed availability. Once availability has been confirmed you will need to pay a deposit of £30. This is non-refundable and must be paid at least 1 week before the party date. The remaining fee will then be expected a week before the party.

We can come to you or a hall, we can book a hall for you but hall prices are not covered in the costs above.

WE CAN RUN PARTIES IN YOUR HOME BUT DANCE & DISCO parties need the space for dancing and the lighting rig.

We can create a party to any of your child’s interests.