English Basic

General School Information

- Teachers' absences

- www.eoicalvia.com > Teachers' absences

- On Twitter, Facebook

- On the CentrosNet account (www.eoicalvia.com > Zona alumnes > Centrosnet) or mobile App

(You can also check your academic record, attendance and messages here)

- School calendar

www.eoicalvia.com > School calendar

- School services

-School library / Wifi / Language exchanges / Study Rooms

www.eoicalvia.com > School services

- School linguistic project

www.eoicalvia.com > School > Documents> School linguistic project

- Levels

www.eoicalvia.com > What the school offers > Levels

- Curriculum

www.eoicalvia.com > languages > curriculum

- Evaluation

www.eoicalvia.com> languages> evaluation

- Students' attendance

www.eoicalvia.com > Students' area> attendance

- The School Council needs YOU!

www.eoicalvia.com > Students' area> Students' Involvement

You can put your name forward at the main office from the 20th to the 27th of October

- Rights and duties

www.eoicalvia.com > Students' area> Rights and duties

- Rules and regulations

www.eoicalvia.com > Students' area> Harmony

- Use the pedestrians' gate. Avoid the car park gate.

- Only enrolled students are permitted on school premises

- The car park is only available for staff members. However, students can leave their bikes and motorbikes there.

- We ask students to refrain from smoking, eating or drinking anything other than water.

- Use the study rooms while waiting. Keep corridors and exits clear.

- Refrain from using mobile devices during exams