1. Make sure you have a computer with an internet connection or wifi, your child’s student ID number and the welcome letter or registration code which would have been given to your child by their guidance counselor.
  2. Open up a web browser and type in “”
  3. Click the button that says “Parents Register.”
  4. You will reach a page that asks you to enter some basic information about yourself and your child.
  5. Start by entering an email address where you can be reached. Next, select how you would like to be addressed (Mr. Mrs., Ms., or Dr.). After that, enter your first and last name.
  6. Next you will enter some information about your child. When asked what school your child attends, choose “East New York Family Academy” from the scrolling menu. After that, enter your child’s student ID number. Following this, enter your child’s date of birth. Finally, enter the registration code found on your welcome document.
  7. If you have entered all of the information correctly, you will receive a message in a green box congratulating you for registering. Before you finish registering you will need to create a password. Inside the green box there will be a link that says “click here.” Click that.
  8. You will be asked create a password. Your password must be eight characters long and it must include at least one uppercase letter and one number. Enter these and then click “Set My Password.”
  9. At this point you will be sent back to the original screen that you saw when you first accessed the website. Click the button that says “Sign In” and enter the email address and password which you just created. Click “Secure Sign In” once you have done this.
  10. You’re Done! The website will ask you to confirm that your child goes to East New York Family Academy and that he or she is enrolled in the 2017-2018 school year. Now you can see all of your child’s grades and assignments.