East New York Family Academy is proud to be a community institution for over twenty years. We are a close-knit school with small classes and a strong belief in both academic and emotional-social learning.

145 Pennsylvania Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11207

(718) 498-5240

Anthony Yard, Principal

Earl Yearwood, Assistant Principal

Robert Hornik, Assistant Principal

Grades 6-12

Mission Statement

We provide our students with the academic, social and emotional skills necessary for success in their careers and family lives. We recognize that all children have the ability to learn. Our program is designed to assist all students in their exploration of their own individual intelligences, and to provide opportunities for them to access their potential.

We offer an instructional environment that supports students and prepares them for higher learning and successful participation in the workforce of the 21st century. We strive to maintain a school that is not only rigorous in academic and technological preparation, but embraces the growth of kindness, caring, curiosity, emotional literacy, and critical thinking in order to foster an ethical society. We encourage the involvement of each parent/guardian in their child's educational experience via formal and informal means of contact throughout the school year.

School Hours

Monday: 7:55am - 2:15pm

Tuesday: 7:55am - 2:15 pm

Wednesday: 7:55am- 2:15pm

Thursday: 7:55am - 2:15pm

Friday: 7:55am - 2:15pm

Saturday: Hours Vary

Sunday: Hours Vary

News and announcements

Congratulations to our middle school regents cohort for achieving a 100% pass rate on the Algebra 1, Living Environment, and US History exams!