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Important Reminders

Other Announcements:

  • From Your Math Teachers: Moby Max is only meant to be used during homework time (only 10 minutes per week is required). The students use it on a set schedule during class, and are given lessons based on individual need. The math teachers have the ability to see when/how long your student uses their account. Please email your math teachers with questions about Moby use!

Math/Science News

This week in science, we are continuing our weather unit.

In Math, we are continuing our unit on measurement. This week, we are introducing the metric system, beginning with centimeters, decimeters, meters and kilometers. We will continue our practice of estimation. Students will create a measurement booklet using their knowledge of metric and customary measurement. Students will also create their own true/false game to help review and study concepts learned.

ELA/Social Studies News

This week in ELA, students will continue learning about R-controlled vowels (AR and OR) and getting to know "Bossy R" in Letterland. Each day, the studets rotate through "The Daily Five" of read to self, word work, writing, listening to reading, and working in a small group with the teacher. Students will complete their Personal Narrative and their How-To Recipe in their writing binder and then begin working on an independent "How To" book of their choice. To do this, the students will complete a planning page, peer edit with a partner, and then start work on their book final draft.


  • Letterland homework for Unit 12
  • Reading Log - Students should read for 20 minutes each night.
  • Weekly ELA and Math Homework

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