Fourth Grade Class Website

Assignments/Important Dates

  • April 12th: Rocks and Minerals unit assessment. Study guide was emailed out on 4/8/18 and a hard copy was sent home on 4/9.
  • April 16th: Spring pictures or money are due.
  • April 16th-20th: STEAM - Students will still be focusing a lot on Ada Lovelace, the first computer programmer. They will use their biographical timeline they have created to write an acrostic poem about her and create a "random poetry generator" based on her using Scratch, an online block coding platform.
  • April 20th: STEAM - Mystery Picture Homework Due (assigned 4/10). Each page will count as a separate homework grade. Work should be shown, but can be checked with a calculator. Click here for an extra copy!
  • April 24th: ELA - Theme Test - common theme vocabulary will go home on Friday 4/20
  • April 27th: Math - Fractions Part 2 Unit Test
  • April 27th: Birthday celebrations at Eagle Time for those with a April birthday.
  • April 30th: Math - TenMarks (5 assignments) due by 11:45pm
  • May 10th: Last after school reading tutoring lab.
  • May 15th: Last after school math tutoring lab.


Contact Information

Ms. Cottrell (STEAM):

Mrs. Deutsch (ELA):

Mr. Isham (Science/Social Studies):

Ms. Long (Math):