Second Grade Class Page


Dear Super 2nd Grade Parents,

Important Reminders

  • October 12: Early Release for students - And Spirit Day!
  • October 13: Teacher Work Day - No school for students
  • October 16: Picture Day!
  • Friday October 27: 2nd grade Hallo-STEAM - more information to come next week
  • November 1st: Community Outreach Club Blood Drive
  • November 2 (5-6 PM): 2nd grade music program @ ESA

The Community Outreach Club will be hosting another Blood Drive on November 1st from 10:30-2:30 via a Blood Mobile. Volunteers can register to donate on the American Red Cross website Parents should not have to come inside the building as everything should be taken care of outside by ARC. Contact Mr. Isham at with questions!

Math/Science News

This week in science, students will begin their study of States of Matter: gas, solids, liquids. We start our inquiry with asking what is matter vs non-matter. Matter is anything that takes up space and has weight! Later in the week, students dig deeper, seeking to answer why types of matter look and act so differently; for example, water is very different from a table. In math, students are engaging in a fun, mini unit on odd and even numbers, a perfect fit for a brief week! How do we determine in a number is even or odd, no matter how large the number?

ELA/Social Studies News

This week in ELA, students finish their work on their creative writing project about monsters and see if they can match the monsters to the descriptions! In Guided Reading Students are reading Fiction Texts and focusing on the Comprehension Skill of Sequencing Events. Students rotate through “The Daily Five” stations of reading to self, word work, writing, listening to reading, and working in a small group with the teacher. Students will work to study the connection between illustrations and words in stories and books. In Social Studies, will read "Grace For President" and discuss and imagine the life of a president. They will continue building onto their new unit about the branches of government!


  • Letterland homework for Unit 2
  • Reading Log - Students should read for 20 minutes each night.
  • Weekly ELA and Math Homework

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