Environmental Smoke Institute

Environmental Smoke Institute is a non-profit organization, and publisher of the Journal Environmental Smoke (https://environmentalsmoke.com.br/).


The Environmental Smoke Institute has the mission for expanding the knowledge in a global way, with the functions of teaching, research and academic extension, to support scientific activities and promote quality science for the whole society.

Aims and Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations:

To enhance an interdisciplinary approach for spreading knowledge.

To promote quality education through the professionals who make up the team of this institute (Goal 4).

To think of sustainable cities as a way of making them efficient and prepared for the sustainability of the resources required for the maintenance of urban society (Goal 11).

To make society aware of the rational and efficient use of resources on our planet (Goal 12).

To recommend practical and feasible strategies and actions to minimize the climate change effects (Goal 13).

To encourage behavioral changes for the protection of aquatic and terrestrial life (Goals 14 and 15).

To establish partnerships with other civil society institutions, with the aim of uniting forces in pursuit of United Nations objectives implementation (Goal 17).

Environmental Smoke Institute Team:

Dimítri de Araújo Costa

Director General. Biologist and PhD in Development and Environment.

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Francisco de Assis da Silva

Director of Operations. Ecologist and MSc in Development and Environment.

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Gil Dutra Furtado

Director of Teaching and Extension. Agronomist, Veterinarian and PhD in Psychobiology.

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Geuba Maria Bernardo da Silva

Executive Director. Ecologist.

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Gabrielle Diniz dos Santos

Chairperson. Ecologist and MSc in Development and Environment.

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Carlos Alberto Isaza Valencia

Executive Assistant. Accountant and MSc in Development and Environment.

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Valdecir da Silva

Assistant Director. Ecologist and Specialist in Plant Biology and Human Rights Education.

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[smoke@environmentalsmoke.com.br] | [Rua Comerciante Antonio de Souza Lima, 25. Bairro: Mangabeira. João Pessoa, Paraíba, Brasil. CEP: 58055-060] | [+55(83)2177-7648]