Charges Breakdown

Freight Charges

Includes charges for the Vessel/Airline responsible for transporting the cargo from Miami to Jamaica, these charges are your direct charges reflected as $3.20 Per pound.

Customs Charges

Every item imported has to be processed and declared to customs. Charges are applied in the form of Duties or Taxes. Items under $50 USD do not attract Duties but will still process G.C.T charges. Items over $50 USD will be charged duties based on its classification.

Everything is now calculated under Processing Fees

Processing fees now include:

Local Handling Charges

Includes delivery and labor in moving your items in Jamaica. Our Local Handling charges include:

  1. Labor costs for movement to transport Norman Manley Intl to the Airport Loading Bay.
  2. Transportation costs from Norman Manley to New Kgn sorting Facility.
  3. Transportation costs from the Sorting Facility to Knutsford Express New Kgn.
  4. Courier Costs from Knutsford Express New Kgn to MBJ.

Local Charges

  1. Labor Costs for Sorting, Packing and Loading Items for Export.
  2. Freight Forwarding Charges
  3. Transport Charges from Miami to Miami Airport
  4. Airport Exportation Fees

Admin & Processing Fee

  1. Administrative Charges for Staff
  2. Administrative Charges for supplies & upkeep