Our model

While considering the mission of the organisation, the entinno model mobilises the organisation’s capability and only enhances that capacity before engaging any new capability enabling the organisation to attain profitability more quickly, in lower cost increments, with increased consumability. Incidents become opportunities, and decoupled activity looks to align and become folded into normal business function to build benefit not only for the organisation but also for the new venture, initiative, standard, product or service.

What does the entinno model consist of?

The entinno model looks to the maintain the integrity of the course of organisational innovation while focussing on the role of the corporate entrepreneur in enabling delivery on the big idea.

The corporate entrepreneur - or intrapraneur - the person leading the organisational innovation or transformation, and the group of interdisciplinary influencers that need to be brought together to achieve an important objective, such as region based innovation, moving an organisation or wholly-owned subsidiary into the new operating model or category, internationalising an organisation or initiative, intercountry or organisational benchmarking.

What are the benefits of using Entinno?

The entinno model for taking an organisation, region or country idea to reality builds on robust analysis in the domain, techniques; and known body of knowledge; for social-science; business and management-administration, and innovation. Our model therefore not only is designed to easily fit within an organisation’s existing management frameworks toward bringing multiple stakeholder leaders together to achieve an objective and deal effectively with the messy, manual and inefficient, non-linear process of innovation, but toward sustaining and even growing profits however they may be defined; from financial to patient outcome, or citizen safety to intergovernmental or international stakeholder collaboration.


  • Take big ideas to outcomes
  • Enable influencers to gain recognition for the benefit they bring to the big idea
  • Bring influencers together to become the common voice and co-create the outcomes of the big idea
  • Board adoption of the strategy
  • Influencer adoption and co-development of the strategy and numbers
  • Lower the cost of strategy delivery
  • Gain early consumers
  • Mobilise and enhance organisational capability and cybersecurity
  • Apportion benefit and underpin risk-reduction over interconnected organisations and individuals
  • Lower time to profitability
  • Joined-up ways to incorporate open and known new capability or trial innovation to complete gaps and co-create capacity in needed capability
  • Increase concepts becoming tangible
  • Well-considered decision course on enhancement; co-creation; or acquisition decisions
  • Identify opportunities for efficiency and formalisation
  • Gain testimonials and new contracts
  • Control and document influencer expectation, govern board expectation, on the course of innovation and opportunities
  • Sustainably transition initiatives to normal business function