While considering the mission of the organisation, the entinno model mobilises the organisation’s capability and seeks to enhances that capacity before engaging any new capability toward lower costs, with quicker adoption.

The entinno model builds on the known body of knowledge for business and innovation. It is designed, therefore, to easily fit within an organisation’s existing management frameworks toward bringing multiple stakeholder leaders together to:

  • achieve an objective
  • deal effectively with the messy, manual and inefficient, non-linear process of innovation,
  • sustaining and even growing profits however they may be defined; from financial to patient outcome, or citizen safety to intergovernmental or international stakeholder collaboration.

Outcomes could include:

  • Bring interdisciplinary leaders together as a common voice on co-created objectives
  • Board engagement
  • Mobilising and enhancing organisational capability toward a common goal
  • Joined-up ways to trial innovation that may deliver needed capability
  • Increasing tangibility of concepts
  • Problem Solving Organisational issues toward deriving new capabilities or capacity: such as strategic business units or direct internal ventures