Our work

Moving webhost into complex hosting

The organisation was; in that time; Australia’s biggest webhost. The organisation needed to innovate to continue growth. Interdisciplinary influencers were brought together from within, and externally to, the organisation including consumers, supply chain, partner-affiliation. The plan was built for moving the organisation into the gap for supply of more mission consequential offerings, capitalisation was gained, capability was mobilsed, and wholly owned subsidiary co-created to build the capacity and enhancements needed to deliver the outcomes for the organisation. This was precisely and pristinely executed.

Intergovernmental Parliamentary and Cybersecurity luncheon, ongoing forum;

As part of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association’s (@CPA_UK) Asia Pacific Regional Workshop on Cybersecurity and Cybercrime in association with the Organisation of the American States, Commonwealth Secretariat funded by the Foreign Commonwealth Office https://www.uk-cpa.org/events-projects/cybersecurity/ the Australian Cyber Security Network acsn.co co-coordinated an industry group which brought Parliamentarian contributors together with interdisciplinary cybersecurity influencers over an industry luncheon and an ongoing #CyberParl forum to communicate and collaborate on joined-up ways for cybersecurity to be in disruption to cybercriminality. Our contribution also formed outputs in the Closing Report https://www.uk-cpa.org/news/cybersecurity-regional-workshop-closing-report/; and, contributed to the collation of the Parliamentarians e-Handbook on cybersecurity and cybercrime; https://www.uk-cpa.org/ehandbooks/ehandbook-on-cybersecurity-cybercrime/

Innovation within the Region with an international outlook

“We engaged Dr Sally Ernst for the Advance Queensland Regional Innovation programme (ARIP) funding bid, who holds an MBA, Doctorate, and over 15 years of award-winning international, digital, cross-sector, organisational and multi-stakeholder innovation experience, with a very handy specialisation in cyber security.

Sal successfully worked with us to align multiple differing stakeholder and community leader objectives to the benefit of the greater region.

We had hoped for a step change in innovation for the region and by working collaboratively through Sal's unique, independent, proven, data-driven, consultative innovation process we were able to build on the region's success, and align and enrich stakeholder objectives under the #SCRIPT regional innovation programme to the benefit of the greater region for Advance Queensland funding.

This strong multi-stakeholder buy-in is shown in the full range of innovation community stakeholder representatives signed on and fully pledged matched funding. We've greatly enjoyed working together with powerful results and I'd highly recommend engaging her. “

International Benchmarking

With local and international cohorts, we co-advocated, co-engaged with influencers, and co-created the Global Entrepreneur Indicator with UK and US stakeholders, Entrepreneurs Organisation and Standard Chartered, that, while no longer involved, sustainably continues to run regularly, now included in the organisation’s normal business function, on over 8,000 entrepreneurs worldwide. At the time of our involvement the team and Dr Sally Ernst, and our research, appeared in FT.com, Wall Street Journal, Asia Money and other publications.

Commercialising outsourced business process and development centres

Across the UK and Oceania-Asia, servicing UK and Australian customers, outsourced consulting teams were built in on and offshore configuration combinations for large banking, finance-industry and government organisations directly and through integrators, digital-agency organisations, and partner-affiliation. While no longer involved, the organisation continues to morph and grow within international locations and over 1000 individuals working in the organisations.

Board and senior executive leadership engagement in addressing wicked problems

The study, writing and publication of layperson handbook ‘Gotcha!’ on the demystification of cybersecurity, based on analysis with numerous UK and Australian business and community influencers; an initiative to span years in production to become highly positive in outcome, including a handbook, card game, and modelling for cybersecurity engagement.

In the course of this initiative, in tandem with community initiative Cyberinnovation Tour NT/QLD, we also built, and continue to build, the network and beta tools to underpin some of the concepts derived that worked in actuality with our UK partner Winsland. We also engaged in collaborative analysis on boards; which contributed to the beginning, development and engagement with industry in understanding holistic and innovative concepts; and working to getting objectives to align. In continuing to position independently, the goal continues to be to foster communication and collaboration on cybersecurity that could be of disruption to cybercriminality.