Enterprise IT Laboratory

We find solutions when others give up.

We connect systems that others can't.

We make your employees and business partners happy when others make them impatient.

And we usually prove our claims with swift, effective POCs (Proof of Concepts).

Our favorite toolkit consist of Cloud services (most often Salesforce or AWS) implemented in stable languages such as Clojure (an effective math based programming language in the LISP family, running on top of the Java Virtual Machine, JavaScript engines or Microsofts CLR).

We've delivered almost any thinkable solution, including:

  • SaaS logic
  • Payment Gateway services
  • Database integration (RDMBS, Document, Graph..)
  • ERP/EIS solutions
  • Advanced web applications
  • Mobile apps
  • IoT firmware and hardware development
  • Bluetooth and Location based solutions
  • ..and many more

If you need Microsoft Azure services or deliveries, we highly recommend that you visit our friends from Dewise!