Plugins provide integrations with 3-rd party services.


Integration with Airtable. You can choose tables that will be imported to Flex TL and available inside your templates.


To import data from Airtable you will need to provide API key, base name and tablenames to import.

Usage inside templates

Inside any template you can use array called airtable. Plus you can use special helpers that made search and filtering easier - plugin_airtable_retrieve and plugin_airtable_retrieve_all.


You can create template templates/airtable/<tablename>.html. This template will be used to render a separate page for each record of corresponding table.

Each row that you want to have page of should have url column with desired url address of output page. Please specify url address without html extension - we will add this by automatically.

You can use any Flex TL syntax inside airtable templates. Also corresponding row data will be available under record expression.


We have Client Testimonials table on Airtable with 3 rows:

Client name | Testimonials | Agent name | url

John Doe | Really great service | Sarah Smith | testimonial-to-sarah-smith-from-john-doe

Sarah Doe | Awesome, attention to detail | Mike Smith | testimonial-to-mike-smith-from-sarah-doe

Phillip Doe | Will work with Jamay again! | Jamay Smith | testimonial-to-jamay-smith-from-phillip-doe

We can create simple template - templates/airtable/Client Testimonials.html:

{{stringify record}}

We will receive 3 pages with stringified info from Airtable rows:

  • testimonial-to-sarah-smith-from-john-doe.html
  • testimonial-to-mike-smith-from-sarah-doe.html
  • testimonial-to-jamay-smith-from-phillip-doe.html