Flex Template Language


Flex Template Language provides a way to build custom real estate websites that runs on Entegral Sync real estate data. It is a AWS serverless framework with a processing engine that automatically compiles and loads dynamic content into Flex semantic template pages using expressions,helpers,facets and components. Pages can be developed in popular front end libraries and frameworks like Bootstrap, Material UI , ReactJS and AngularJS. Flex is built on the Handlebars semantic template engine, and you can therefor use all the handlebar functionality. Flex Template Language frees you up from getting bogged down in backend coding and lets you focus on the front-end, allowing for highly optimized pages to be developed.


Expressions allows you to define data placeholders and is simply placed anywhere in your HTML code . Get started with expressions.


Helpers provide a way to manipulate data through functions and can be placed anywhere in your HTML code . Get started with helpers.


Components provide advanced features such as search and map functionality. Get started with components.


Partials allows you to move some shared templates parts like header or footer into separate file and easily reuse them across multiple templates. Get started with partials.


Postbacks allows you to post back data through the Flex platform for processing. Get started with postbacks.


An advanced usage examples of flex template language. Get started with examples.

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