Parent Updates

Read through the Parent Orientation and Open House, along with the Parent Checklist.

Read and understand the emails from Enlightium Academy to stay up-to-date on current offerings and deadlines

Read the 2018–19 Family Handbook and notify EA if you have any questions

Join the Facebook Family Alliance to connect with EA staff and other families

Reach out to Enlightium Academy at any point in the school year if you have any questions or concerns, no matter how small they may seem. A slight adjustment at the start of the school year can result in a better experience for the rest of the year

Be involved in your student’s education:

-Take an active interest in your child’s daily assignments and ask how he/she is doing in courses

-Sign up for a parent portal or use the student portal to view current grades and a progress overview

-Email the counselors or teachers during the year if you have any questions or concerns

-Watch our Theology in Action videos or read our online private homeschooling blogs as a family

Important Dates

Monday, September 3rd: Labor Day; EA’s office will be closed, but students will still have access to Ignitia.

Wednesday, October 17th: The end of the 1st Quarter

Thursday, October 18th - Friday, October 19th: Ignitia will be unavailable to students for the Quarter Break

Saturday, October 20th - Sunday, October 21st: Ignitia will be available to students

Monday, October 22nd: The start of the 2nd Quarter; students will have access to Ignitia

Click here for a printable calendar, which your student can post at his/her workstation.

Click here to add a digital calendar (as seen on the right) to your Google calendar. You may need to create a Gmail account.

It usually takes about two weeks for new students to grow accustomed to the Ignitia platform. If the student is struggling with Ignitia after completing the Orientation course, please send an email to to schedule a one-on-one phone session between your student and a member of our staff. You can also call Ignitia Technical Support at 877-251-6662 if you experience any technical issues.

Families with students in grades 3–12 should review the Ignitia Troubleshooting Techniques page to resolve any minor issues that arise while using Ignitia. Any additional issues can be resolved by calling Ignitia Technical Support at 877.251.6662.

Please check your email regularly for communication from your counselor or any other EA employee and reply in a timely fashion if needed.

Scheduling a Calendly appointment is the best way to make contact with your counselor

To learn about required or recommended purchases for English and science courses in grades 3–12, check out the “Curriculum by Grade Level” page. If your student needs materials for a project that are not easily accessible to you, such as a specific chemical or a piece of equipment, please contact his or her teacher to request an alternative project or alternatives to allow the student to complete the project.

Families who enrolled later in the school year will receive their student's welcome letter after courses are assigned. In these welcome letters you will find:

-Information regarding the teachers

-Appropriate contact information

-Office hours

-Grading expectations

-Links to helpful resources.

We have improved weekly progress emails to provide you detailed information on your student’s weekly progress. You can now see detailed statistics like assignments due, assignments completed, overdue assignments (if applicable), weeks ahead or behind, and more. If you notice any inaccuracies in those emails or have any suggestions for future emails, please respond to the email you receive or fill out the survey at the end of each email.

Please remember to check your parent portal often to catch any low progress early in the year.

If you are planning any vacations or other time off from school please submit an Absence Form to ensure the Progress Department is aware of when your student(s) will not be working.

Ensure that you whitelist so that you receive all communication.