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What This Class Is All About

In 7 days, participants will get a chance to learn first-hand from the man they call "The World's Greatest Business Teacher" Marshall Thurber.

They will receive a complete, comprehensive and cutting-edge business education like no other.

Marshall covers all the core fundamentals of successful business - from communication and sales to leverage and systems to mastering the art of reading financials to adapting to technological changes and more.

What sets this class apart is Marshall shares what works right here, right now.

The entire 7 days is made up of the most cutting-edge, at-the-forefront principles and techniques that are immediately relevant.

1. Proven Track Record and Learn Direct from The Legend Himself!

Marshall Thurber has a 50-year stellar track record of producing business success stories.

His students are the stuff of legends - from Mark Victor Hansen to Jack Canfield to Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerrys and a list of virtually every single successful business person and influencer on the planet.

Jay Abraham calls him a "legend on a worldwide basis" and his students all attribute Marshall's class and teachings as the turning point in their business and life.

As one put it - "my life is divided into 2 stages - BEFORE Marshall and AFTER Marshall"

Marshall can take anyone with drive and desire ... and give them a proven roadmap with principles and steps they can follow all the way to business riches.

2. Learn What Works TODAY!

The rules of business have changed.

If you aspire to succeed in this day and age, its VITAL you upgrade your business skills, mindset and knowledge so it matches the world we live in.

Unfortunately, many of us have not kept up with the times.

We play the game of business using old rules and outdated thinking - mostly picked up from modelling the previous generation or from school.

Because of this, we make costly mistakes, miss golden opportunities and never get the success and results we want.

In contrast, those who conduct business using the NEW rules zoom past us and achieve MASSIVE success in a very short time.

When you attend the 7-day Business School, you’ll get up to speed on ALL the new rules of business you must know to triumph in this bold, new world.

3.) Master These Concepts for Life!

Marshall teaches using accelerated learning or superlearning ... which ensures the business concepts dive deep into the subconscious of your mind.

The result?

You virtually remember everything you learn FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

The secret is because you not only rehearse, practice and use what Marshall teaches "live" at the class ... you learn to use all your learning channels so the memory retention is MANY TIMES stronger.

And Marshall explains the background must-know behind the techniques so you strengthen your comprehension of WHY it works.

Plus, you're active and having fun - so you have a positive feeling attached to what you learn.

You walk out with absolute mastery of all that you learn - the WHAT-WHY and HOW to apply - and this stays with you for your entire life ... especially in crucial moments when you need them!

4.) Be Surrounded By Greatness At The Class

The class attracts some of the most successful, positive entrepreneurs in the world.

At the Sept '16 class, we had students from all over the world fly in - many of whom are titans of their own industry, command a massive following and run successful businesses.

They all flew in and set time to study with Marshall because they recognized his profound business wisdom and mastery.

And they left remarking what a wise decision it was.

When you attend Marshall's class, you will be surrounded on your left and right by some of the brightest, most well-connected and abundant-minded entrepreneurs you will ever meet.

Form connections, friendships and business alliances with ease - and elevate your life forever!

5.) Super Practical - No Matter Which Area of Business You Are In!

Does this work for absolute beginners?


Marshall breaks things down so simply that you will "get it"' even if you haven't started a business before.

And if you're more experienced, you too will benefit from a deeper understanding of what works ... and find multiple ways to apply Marshall's teachings in your business.

Marshall's gift is teaching at a level such that EVERYONE in the room can absorb and be on the same page at every moment.

Virtually no other teacher on the planet can do what Marshall does.

He’s truly a master mentor without parallel.

Your Trainers

- Marshall Thurber -

Marshall Thurber is widely regarded as "The Godfather of Personal Development" and "The World's Greatest Business Teacher Alive.

His student success stories number in the tens of thousands, and include countless successful entrepreneurs and influencers from over 50+ diverse industries - from the music industry, Hollywood, health, fitness, speaking, environmental testing, coaching, F n' B and more

Everyone from Tony Robbins, Harv Eker, Robert Kiyosaki, Blair Singer, Spencer Johnson to entrepreneurs like Ben Cohen and Paul Mitchell have achieved incredible business success following Marshall's principles.

They all unanimously point to Marshall as the "secret weapon" behind their rise to fame

Marshall's program Money and You® has transformed the lives of more than 100,000 entrepreneurs worldwide for the last 37 years.

He also wrote the transformational kids program Supercamp® which has positively impacted over 73,000 kids in 14 countries.

Marshall is a direct disciple of the great inventor and philosopher Buckminster Fuller and studied with Bucky for over a decade.

In his 7-day Business School, Marshall will cover all the key fundamentals you need to achieve EXTRAORDINARY, lasting business success in this brand-new economy.

If you desire to build a profitable enterprise that stands the test of time AND change, you MUST attend this class.

- Bill Allen -

Bill Allen took Marshall Thurber's class when he was 18 and by his most admission, a street kid with little hope of a bright future.

Using what he learnt from Marshall, Bill built a worldwide cleaning empire spanning 62 countries with revenue figures in the hundreds of millions.

Bill and his championship teams have won multiple statewide, national, and international awards including Small Business Person of the Year, Entrepreneur of the Year, Most Innovative Cleaning Invention Award, and Business of the Year among many others.

His list of clientele reads like a who’s who of successful business with whom he enjoys extreme client loyalty.

Bill has also changed the lives of countless people worldwide through his dynamic trainings and presentations. People regularly come up to him and shake his hand – telling him how inspired they were by him.

In spite of this success, Bill still considers himself the “town janitor”. He remains unwavering in his desire to support people achieving breakthroughs in their lives and businesses. He has also set his sights on a bigger goal – impacting even more people by sharing his many lessons worldwide.