Language Gym

An 8 week course of English that combines the very best elements of home self study and personalised private lessons depending on YOUR specific needs!

Tandem Lessons

Take a lesson with a friend. Work together and reduce the cost of learning!

Super Speaker

A package that allows you to buy 10 x lessons of the same length and get a discount on the total price!

Writing Check Service

A service for business professionals and academics.

Get your English texts checked by a professional native speaking language expert.

Job Prep

Get ready to get that job!

3 x 45 minute sessions to get you ready for a new job using your English!

= 3 teachers for 3 x the support and help!

Language Level Test

Take a language test and understand your current level

Our online language assessment is a quick and easy test, covering all 4 skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing, to help you find out your current level.