ECE Makerspace Training


Students planning to use the ECE Makerspace must: 1) know and abide by the lab rules at all times, 2) be aware of the EH&S safety guidelines, and 3) be trained on the machines before using them.

To have access to the lab, please complete the "General Lab Access" section below and take the quiz with a 100% score.

For the individual tools/machines, please complete the "Tools & Equipment Access" section to learn how to use them. Once you are ready, take the corresponding quiz at the bottom of each section. You must score 100% on the quizzes as well.

All students must complete the General Lab Access training documents BEFORE reviewing laser cutting, 3D printing, or soldering.

NOTE: If you are identified using the lab or equipment without having completed the training, it will be grounds for immediate and permanent expulsion.

General Lab Access

Read both sections and take the accompanying quiz

ECE Makerspace Rules.pdf

Tools & Equipment Access

Complete each sections and take the accompanying quiz to be authorized for it

Lab Hours


Please ask them for any help you need!







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